We are a loosely associated group of philosophers with interests in questions concerning self-knowledge. These questions include the following:

  • What does the "self" in "self-knowledge" stand for?
    Is self-knowledge knowledge of a special kind of object, namely a "self"? Is there any such thing, anyway? Or does "self" indicate that self-knowledge, whatever it is about, is in some way reflexive?
  • What sort of knowledge is self-knowledge?
    Are there different kinds of self-knowledge, such as acquaintance with oneself, knowledge about one self, and knowledge of how to be a "self", that is, in some sense authentic?
  • What is the object of self-knowledge?
    Is it, again, a "self", or can self-knowledge be about other things?
  • What is the significance of self-knowledge for philosophy and life?
    Is it the beginning of all philosophy, or only one possible topic among others within the philosophy of mind?
  • How does self-knowledge relate to self-consciousness, self-awareness, and self-care?
    How does it relate to practical knowledge, knowledge in intention, and one's perception of one's own body?